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Thigh Lift


A thigh lift is recommended for patients who have sagging, flabby and/or dimpled skin on their thigh, knee, or buttock area. People who have undergone massive weight loss are the most common candidates for a thigh lift surgery as many of them suffer from aesthetic problems of excess skin and persistent fat on the inner thighs. Some of the best thigh lift candidates are men and women 18-70 years old who are motivated to improve the shape and appearance of their thighs.


Indications For Thigh Lift Surgery

  • Patients who have lost a considerable amount of weight either due to diet and exercise or weight loss surgery.
  • Patients with excess soft tissue along the inner, medial, or outer thigh area.
  • Healthy individuals without medical conditions that can increase surgical risks or impair healing.
  • Individuals with excess fat or skin in the thigh area.
  • Individuals seeking to balance their body proportions by improving the contour of their thighs.
  • Individuals in generally good health, with realistic expectations for thigh lift surgery.
  • Patients who are committed to maintaining a healthy post-operative lifestyle, including proper nutrition and regular exercise.
  • Patients with classic "pear shape" body (carrying most of their weight in the lower half of their body) who wish to create a more evenly balanced body contour.


Inner Thigh Lift

  • Targets the inner thigh region.
  • Appropriate for mild to moderate cases of excess fat and skin in the inner thigh region.
  • Relatively short incisions (from the thigh and groin crease to the buttock crease) and under the buttock crease.

Medial Thigh Lift

  • Targets the upper, inner portion of the thighs.
  • Incision runs from the inside of the thigh around the back and ends under the buttock crease.

Vertical Thigh Lift (Vertical Thighplasty)

  • Extensive thigh lift commonly used for the surgeries of post-bariatric patients who are left with significant amounts of loose skin.
  • The vertical incision that begins at the groin crease and extends to the inner knee.
  • The procedure involves removal of a large ellipse of skin and tissue of the inner thigh through a vertical incision that starts at the groin crease and extends to the inner knee. This is a thigh reduction procedure, not a lift.

Spiral Thigh Lift

  • Shapes the front, back, inner, and outer areas of the thigh.
  • The incision is made starting below the buttock fold (infra-gluteal crease), and continues within the groin crease, ending at the junction of the thigh and pubic area.

Posterior Thigh Lift

  • Also know as a buttock lift, posterior thigh lifts correct loose, saggy skin and excess fat deposits in the back region of the thighs.
  • The procedure also improves the appearance of dimpled skin on the back of the thighs.
  • Posterior thigh lift surgery details are highly customizable, and incision types will vary from patient to patient, depending upon each individual's unique anatomy and surgical goals.


For patients desiring more expansive body rejuvenation results, thigh lifts can also be performed in combination with other procedures, such as:

  • Liposuction
  • Lower Body Lift
  • Buttock Lift
  • Gluteal Augmentation
  • Arm Lift
  • Tummy Tuck


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