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My Breast Implant Went Wrong: Can You Help?

According to estimates, about 98% of women are happy with their breast implants. However, despite the high satisfaction rate, complications and cosmetic issues can still occur. 

Some breast augmentation complications, such as leaks, can lead to serious health issues and must be addressed right away. Meanwhile, some people who undergo breast augmentation are simply unhappy with their results. 

If the results of your breast implant surgery didn’t live up to your expectations, don’t blame yourself for wanting to make a change to your appearance. Dr. Richard M. Levin performs revisions regularly, and he can correct your breasts so you have the bust you’ve always wanted. 

How breast implants can go wrong 

Breast implant issues can occur due to scarring, ruptures, incorrect implant size, or implant movement. 

Scarring, also referred to as capsular contracture, is the body’s response to cover up any foreign materials in the body. 

For some patients, scarring isn’t problematic, even though scar tissue doesn’t go away unless it’s removed. For others, scar tissue can lead to pain in and hardening of the breasts. 

Ruptures can occur due to external trauma, punctures due to a biopsy, and pressure from mammograms. Leaking implants can be detected with MRIs and replaced with new implants. 

Poorly positioned implants can move too high, too low, too close together, or too far away from the middle of the chest. To fix these types of issues, Dr. Levin may need to replace and reposition the implants. 

If you’re disappointed in how your new breasts look on your frame, if they’re too big or the change is too minor to be noticeable, Dr. Levin can replace your implants to achieve your cosmetic goals. 

How to determine if something is wrong with your implants 

Ruptured implants are easy to identify. After implants leak, your breasts begin to slowly deflate. Capsular contractures cause your breasts to look tight, hardened, or deformed. 

In rare cases, the body rejects implants, which can cause bruising, bleeding, slow healing, and tissue necrosis. 

Ask us how your breast implant can be corrected

Dr. Levin understands how difficult it may be to go through a breast augmentation surgery and a lengthy recovery period, only to end up disappointed by the results. However, you don’t have to live with unsatisfactory results, not when there are ways to correct your breasts. 

After examining your breasts, Dr. Levin will take note of your cosmetic goals and explain what procedures and treatments can help you achieve them. To get an idea of Dr. Levin’s skill with breast implant revisions, take a look at our before and after gallery and our testimonials page

Contact us to schedule an appointment and get expert advice on how to fix problematic breast implants. 

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