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Finishing Off Your Weightloss Journey With a Body Lift to Remove Excess Skin

You’re happy about your weight loss results. You feel lighter, healthier, and more in control of your destiny. However, there’s one thing that still bothers you: excess skin. 

Excess skin doesn’t come with any health risks, but it’s a confidence crusher, especially when you worked so hard to improve your body and lifestyle. 

Due to genetics and hormones, you may also find that some areas on your body don’t respond to the classic diet and exercise combo, leaving you with both sagging skin and fat pockets. So what are you supposed to do? 

At Lancaster Plastic Surgery, we want our patients to not only become healthier overall, but also more enthusiastic about the aesthetic results of their weight loss journey. To help you fully enjoy the end of your weight loss journey, we asked our expert, Dr. Richard M. Levin, how a body lift works and what the results look like.

Body lift 101 

A body lift is a group of plastic surgery procedures that aim to improve the appearance of your skin and the underlying tissues after a major weight loss journey. Each body lift is customized depending on where the problem areas are located. 

Aside from making you look tighter and more toned, a body lift is also used to remove stubborn deposits of fat that don’t go away with dieting or exercising. 

However, a body lift isn’t a weight-loss tool, and it’s only used after you reach your weight loss goal, but still have some problem areas.

Recovery and satisfaction rates

On the first days after surgery, you may experience pain and swelling. However, these reactions are normal and can be managed with painkillers. Dr. Levin also drains the incision sites, getting rid of the fluid and reducing pressure and swelling.

The incisions need at least 7 to 14 days to heal. For complete recovery, you may need to wait anywhere between 6 and 8 weeks. 

Check out a few examples from our practice of patients who had issues with skin elasticity and stubborn pockets of fat.

Find out whether you’re a good candidate for a body lift

You may be a good candidate for removing excess skin and stubborn fat pockets if you don’t suffer from blood clotting disorders or heart disease, and don’t smoke. However, only a consultation with a specialist can determine if it’s safe for you to undergo a body lift.

So if you’re ready to match your health wins with aesthetic wins, contact Dr. Levin to find out if you’re a good candidate for a body lift. 

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