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Do Botox and Fillers Work Well Together?

Do Botox and Fillers Work Well Together?

You may have heard about liquid facelifts, referring to the ability to rejuvenate the whole face (much like a facelift) without surgery. Liquid facelifts are often performed using BotoxⓇ and fillers, as these two injectables can be used at the same time without adverse effects. 

We asked Dr. Richard Levin, our expert at Lancaster Plastic Surgery, to explain why Botox and fillers are sometimes used together.

How Botox and fillers complement each other 

There are two components to facial aging: the appearance of facial wrinkles and the loss of plumpness in the face.

Botox is a neurotoxin extracted from the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, and it can paralyze facial muscles. As a consequence, it erases wrinkles caused by movements, such as lines around the eyes, lines on the forehead, and lines around the lips.

When you’re younger and your collagen is more elastic, your skin bounces back to its initial position without any issues. However, as your collagen stiffens with age, your skin can no longer recover after repeated movements. 

Fillers serve a different purpose. They’re used to treat wrinkles that are apparent at rest, such as the lines around the nose and mouth. Fillers treat wrinkles caused by loss of volume in the face, and they can also add fullness to the cheeks and lips. 

Because they serve different purposes, Botox and fillers can be combined to help patients address several aspects of aging at the same time. 

Botox and fillers results 

With fillers, the results are almost immediate, and they’re long-lasting as well. On average, fillers can last anywhere between one and two years. 

Botox injections take about a week to decrease lines. They’re also metabolized faster, so they last between four and six months. 

Find out if you’re a good candidate for Botox and fillers 

Good candidates for Botox and fillers have mild to moderate wrinkles and volume loss. Also, they’re not allergic to any of the ingredients used in the injectables. 

If you notice sagging skin and jowls, you may be an ideal candidate for a surgical facelift

Are signs of aging bothering you, but are you unsure about what strategy to take to rejuvenate your skin? If so, contact us to schedule an appointment

Dr. Levin has more than three decades of experience as a plastic surgeon. He’ll be more than happy to perform an examination and let you know what treatments and procedures suit your cosmetic goals.

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